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Learn English for Beginners


This is an app for beginners to learn and practice English words. It uses a British speaker. The teacher’s pronunciation is clear and correct. It is from an actual voice recording. There are also some harder words for intermediate language students. You can learn new nouns and verbs using a tried and tested method - flash cards. This app does not teach grammar, but helps you to increase your vocabulary. You can have fun while learning. It is like a game where you use your word skills to earn coins. It can be used by both adults and kids. Can you complete all 50 lessons? If so, you will be at the top of the honor board!
The first lesson is completely free, but you win coins if you successfully complete the quiz.
The quiz tests aural as well as spelling skills.
You need coins to access later lessons.
Earn coins for each correctly completed quiz. Earn a bonus if you come back tomorrow or engage with some advertisements. If you desire, you can purchase coins.
You can earn coins by selecting the $0.00 option from the purchase screen.
This English game can be a valuable adjunct to a course of study such as ESL, TESOL and TEFL by improving both vocabulary and pronunciation.
Reward for getting 100% on the quiz: no advertisements unless you "high five"!
Most lessons can be accessed for free using Tapjoy offers! No need to pay if you repeat lessons to earn more coins.
Here is a strategy to learn as many English words in this app as possible for free:1)Repeat each English quiz as often as you want. This will gain you more free coins each time2)You gain the maximum free coins if you get the English quiz completely correct3)Use Facebook or WhatsApp once per day to earn free coins4)Use Learn English once per day to get the daily bonus. Free coins each day!5)Make sure you have a wifi connection, and check out the offers on Tapjoy. Choose the best offer to earn as many free coins as possible. You can then use these coins to open an expensive English lesson. Repeating this expensive lesson often will get you many free coins.6)If you follow these steps you should be able to access almost all English lessons and quizzes completely free.